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たまごひよこチキン APK MOD Description: 今日から たまごひよこチキン工場の工場長に任命するよ。





1 普通のにわとり 【どこにでもいる普通のにわとり】
2 赤いにわとり 【元気印の赤いにわとり】
3 茶色いにわとり 【こんがり日焼けしたにわとり】
4 毛玉なにわとり 【モコモコとした手触りのにわとり】
5 茶黒なにわとり 【顔と体で色が違う二色のにわとり】

1 精肉加工 【にわとりをお肉に加工するよ】
2 からあげ 【小麦粉をまぶして揚げる定番の料理】
3 焼き鳥 【若者に人気のあぶり焼き料理】
4 手羽先 【パリパリとした食感が特徴のジューシーな料理】
5 クリームシチュー 【野菜もいっぱい食べれる栄養満点の料理】

1 木でできた運搬機 【いつ壊れるか分からない不安定な運搬機】
2 ボロい運搬機 【一世代前から使われているサビ付いた運搬機】
3 普通の運搬機 【一般的な工場で使われている素朴な運搬機】
4 頑丈な運搬機 【少しの衝撃ではびくともしない鋼鉄で作られた運搬機】
5 カラフルな運搬機 【見ているだけでも気分が盛り上がる多色な運搬機】

1 天然素材で作った巣箱 【森で集めた木と葉っぱを使った天然素材100%の巣箱】
2 木の巣箱 【少し強度のある木を加工して作った手作りの巣箱】
3 ふかふかな巣箱 【フワフワの綿で作られた冬でも安心の温かい巣箱】

1 簡易に作られた巣箱 【森で拾ってきた木で作られた簡易的な木箱】
2 白い柵の巣箱 【木材にペンキで色を付けた少しカントリーな雰囲気の木箱】
3 鉄柵の巣箱 【鉄くずを加工して作った少し壊れにくい木箱】

1 小さな小屋付き巣箱 【にわとりには少しせまい小屋付きの巣箱】
2 家付き巣箱 【にわとりも大喜びの大きさの家付き巣箱】
3 監視付き巣箱 【悪さをするにわとりもびっくり監視付きの巣箱】

It is appointed to the factory length of the egg chick chicken factory from today.

In the factory is like a processing plant which is going from the development of the chicken processing, and to shipping …
ANATA become the bottom of the factory length, let’s increase the lot shipped to the factory!

■ How to Play ————————————
① eggs, chicks, Grow a chicken
To growth in the order of eggs → chick → Chicken
Chicken lays an egg
② by processing the chicken trying to shipping
③ get many rewards more to ship a lot

① nest box, trying to release the processing apparatus
You can grow a lot of chicken and increasing the number of hives
Reward is up to release a new processing equipment
② trying to strengthen the equipment
Efficiency is up to strengthen the equipment
Trying to breeding ③ chicken
Try to find a lot of chicken

■ excerpt some of the characters that appear in the game

■ Chicken ———————————–
[Ordinary chicken that are anywhere] 1 ordinary chicken
[Red chicken of Promising] 2 red chicken
3 brown chicken [golden brown tanned chicken]
4 [chicken of touch that was Mokomoko] Hairball a chicken
[Two-color chicken of the color is different in the face and body] 5 tea black chick

■ processing equipment ———————————–
[Processed into meat and chicken] 1 meat processing
[Cuisine of classic fry sprinkled with flour] 2 fried chicken
[Popular Grill cuisine in youth] 3 Yakitori
4 chicken wings [crisp and the texture is juicy features cuisine]
5 [cooking of nutritious vegetables also eat a lot] cream stew

■ transport machine ————————————
Transportation machine made of 1 tree [unstable transport machine I do not know what time break]
2 undue profits transporter [Transportation machine with rust that has been used from a generation ago]
3 Average of transport machine [general rustic transportation machine that is used in the factory]
4 [Transportation machine made of budge and not steel is a little bit of shock] rugged transport machine
5 colorful transporter [see multicolor a transportation machine that feel swollen just to]

■ hive ————————————-
[Hive of 100% natural materials using wood and leaves gathered in the woods] hives made with 1 natural materials
[Handmade birdhouse made by processing the wood with a little strength] hive of 2 trees
[Warm nest box of security even in the winter made of fluffy cotton] 3 plush nest box

[Simple wooden box made of wood that has been picked up in the forest] made a hive in 1 simple
[A little wooden box of country atmosphere was colored with paint on wood] 2 white fence of the hive
3 iron fence – a little hard to break wooden box made by processing the iron scrap] hive of

1 [hive of little narrow with a hut on chicken] a small hut with a nest box
[House with a nest box of chicken also great joy of size] 2 home with a nest box
[Nest box with chicken surprised monitoring to the poor] 3 Supervised hive