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サンクタス戦記-GYEE- APK MOD Description: GYEE(ガイ)と呼ばれる異能力を持った仲間と共に冒険し、仲を深めていこう!










AndroidOS 6以上,メモリー2GB以上



Let’s go on an adventure with friends with different abilities called GYEE and deepen our relationship!

▼△ Recommended for people like this ▼△
・Those who want to experience and support free romance
・Those who like romance simulation games and RPG games.
・Those who like solid worldviews and stories
・Those who like anime and manga
・People who like voice actors
・People who want to meet people who have the same hobbies and romance in app games

▼△ Story ▼△
When a player launches a certain game, it suddenly summons as a different world.
In that world, there are races called GYEE (Guy) who are beasts, dragons, and different abilities,
Players are involved in various incidents as GYEE.
In order to return to the original world, we encounter various characters and deepen our bond.

▼△ Attractive partner “GYEE” ▼△
A name that is called a person who emits golden light from his eyes and occupies the power of the human body in the blood surrounding him.
The cause of the disease is unknown, and it has been confirmed that it occurs rarely among all races.

▼△ Enjoy “communication” with Guy! ▼△
Touch “Guy” & give presents & invite to pool, etc.
Communication improves your likability!
When you get along, you will learn powerful skills and receive secret photos!

▼△Battle part full of strategy▼△
Each guy has his or her own unique skill, and depending on the combination, they will be many times stronger!
Find your own combination and create your own team!

▼△Gorgeous voice actors participate▼▼
Shiori Izawa/Kento Ito/Genki Okawa/Yoshihisa Kawahara/Akahan/Tomoto Takatsuka/Hiroki Takahashi/Kenjiro Tsuda
Sogo Nakamura / Daisuke Namikawa / Reiko Namase / Sho Nogami / Yuki Hashimoto / Sho Hayami / Katsuya Fukunishi / Yuya Hozumi /
Keno Uchi / Yui Horie / Rena Maeda / Naoya Miyase / Shotaro Morikubo / Mahiro Yamanaka (Japanese alphabetical order / title omitted)

*Because a large amount of data is downloaded when the application is started for the first time,
We recommend starting in a Wi-Fi environment.

* If you start the game with insufficient free space on your device,
The operation may be unstable or may not be started.
Please play with sufficient capacity, such as closing other applications.

*The game execution speed may differ depending on the device used.

※Operating environment:
AndroidOS 6 or above, Memory 2GB or above

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