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Name九龍麻雀 – 正宗港式麻雀 (支援離線單機)
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九龍麻雀 – 正宗港式麻雀 (支援離線單機) (APK MOD, Unlimited Money) Download

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九龍麻雀 – 正宗港式麻雀 (支援離線單機) game screenshots feature:

九龍麻雀 - 正宗港式麻雀 (支援離線單機) 1.5.2 screenshots 1

九龍麻雀 – 正宗港式麻雀 (支援離線單機) APK MOD Description: 遊戲特色:
★ 正宗港式十三張麻雀,三番起胡
★ 完全免費!
★ 使用港式麻雀計分方法『全銃制』
★ 內設『名號系統』,食糊 > 升段 > 最終成為『雀聖』
★ 實時排行榜,和全球玩家比過高低
★ 媲美真人的電腦智能,絕對公平,沒有作弊
★ 全廣東話語音支持,『上』『碰』『食糊』聽起來親切
★ 記錄個人戰績,隨時查看食糊/自摸次數
★ 持續更新,將新增更多功能
★ 離線版香港麻雀


港式麻雀(Hong Kong Mahjong)小知識
港式麻雀乃麻雀(亦稱為”麻將”) 中的其中一種玩法,香港麻雀雖然和廣東麻雀類近,但番種卻少很多,實際上來說,這是屬於較傳統的「清章」打法(亦有說為「舊章」),以別於新章的廣東麻雀。


如程式上有任何問題,或對遊戲有某些意見,請回報至 [email protected] (請附上型號及Android Version)

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Game features:
★ Authentic Hong Kong-style thirteen sparrows, three times with a Hu
★ Completely free!
★ Use Hong Kong-style sparrow scoring method “Full Gun System”
★ Built-in “name system”, food paste> promotion> eventually become “Bird Saint”
★ Real-time leaderboard, compared with global players
★ Computer intelligence comparable to real people, absolutely fair, no cheating
★ Full Cantonese voice support, “on”, “touch” and “food paste” sound cordial
★ Record personal achievements, check the number of food paste/self-touching at any time
★ Continuous updates, more features will be added
★ Offline version of Hong Kong Mahjong


Hong Kong Mahjong Tips
Hong Kong-style sparrows are one of the game methods of mahjong (also known as “mahjong”). Although Hong Kong sparrows are similar to Cantonese sparrows, they have fewer species. In fact, this is a more traditional “Qingzhang” game. Law (also called the “old chapter”), distinguished from the new chapter of Cantonese sparrow.


Your opinions are very important for us to update and improve the game!
If there are any problems with the program, or some comments about the game, please report to [email protected] (please attach the model and Android Version)

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