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塗鴉英雄 game screenshots feature:

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塗鴉英雄 APK MOD Description: 超快感塗鴉彈射手遊!萬代南夢宮Online熱力鉅作!爽快的顏料彈射玩法,獨創佔地攻擊加成系統。即時線上激鬥,競賽級真人 PvP 雲端開打;挑戰高難度副本,呼朋引伴協力擊破大 Boss!超百萬字王道劇情,在末日裡產生羈絆,親密互動超展開!


– 遊戲特色 –
獨創佔地攻擊加成系統,拖曳角色展開彈射攻擊,用顏料蓋滿整個場地,搶得最高 100% 加成!還可用塗鴉召喚巨大聖獸,給予敵人致命打擊!

不用面對面、找留言板,就能享受共鬥樂趣!競賽級真人 PvP 雲端開打;挑戰高難度副本,呼朋引伴協力擊破大 Boss!

輕碰角色精美立繪互動,好感直線上升!親密對話語音放送,與搭檔享受倆人的 時光~


Super thrilling graffiti ejection mobile game! Bandai Nanmeng Palace Online Hot Work! Refreshing paint ejection gameplay, original land attack bonus system. Real-time online battles, competition-level real-life PvP launches in the cloud; challenge difficult copies, call friends to work together to defeat the big boss! The story of over a million words of kingship has created a bond in the end, and the intimate interaction has begun!

Centuries ago, the planet was brightly lit and civilization prospered, but the sudden “arc” invasion quickly occupied the surface, and 99% of the world’s biological extinction! The survivors set up the fortress city “Babel” in an attempt to find the last vitality. As the super-mutant S-class dangerous species gradually approached the last stronghold of human beings, the deadly “arc” accelerated erosion of building ruins, leaving little time left. commander! You will lead the hunter group under the apocalypse to create a path for humanity!

– Game Features –
* Refreshing paint ejection: super-blooded sacred beast soul, land grab bonus
The original land attack bonus system, drag the character to launch a catapult attack, cover the entire field with paint, and grab a maximum of 100% bonus! You can also summon huge holy beasts with graffiti and give your enemies a deadly blow!

* Real-time online fighting: Contest-level PvP, duplication combined challenge
Don’t face each other or find a message board, you can enjoy the fun together! Race-level real-world PvP play in the cloud; challenge the hard copy, call friends to break the boss!

* Rich character collection: intimate touch interaction, soaring favor
Touch the character to exquisitely draw and interact, and the favor goes straight up! Intimate conversation voice broadcast, enjoy the time with the partner ~

* Place an expedition adventure: Hundreds of characters make their way, and the magic weapon is easy
Work and study without delay, put three groups of adventure expeditions, set off to collect rare weapons and props. Be careful! Dangerous along the way, you may encounter special combat missions!

* A Million Words Story: Doomsday World View, Explore Character Stories
Exciting mainline, exploration, and personal storytelling, immersed in the world view of the adventure of the royal road, find the glory of the old world in the apocalyptic city, and understand the story of the peer companion more deeply.