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宮廷之夢 APK MOD Description: 壹款古代風格的宮鬥手遊,遊戲的主線以宮鬥劇情為主,妳將扮演女主角在這勾心鬥角的皇宮中生存下去,在這裏,等待妳的的是壹段段驚險的劇情故事。妳的選擇很是重要,打敗所有阻礙妳的人,然後收獲更多可以幫助到妳的人,與心愛之人信件往來得到他們的信任跟幫助。在這裏努力提升自己的地位,裝扮自己,提升自我,然後在這後宮中找到屬於自己的地位。
An ancient style Gongdou mobile game. The main line of the game is based on the Gongdou story. You will play the heroine to survive in this intriguing palace. Here, what is waiting for you is a thrilling story. Your choice is very important, defeat all those who hinder you, and then reap more people who can help you, and get their trust and help by communicating with your loved ones. Try to improve your status here, dress yourself, improve yourself, and then find your own status in this harem.