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屍城:全面逃殺 APK MOD Description: 這是一款生存題材的多人在線ARPG遊戲,包含家園建造,競技場,副本,聯盟等玩法





This is a survival multiplayer online ARPG game, including home construction, arena, copy, alliance and other gameplay
“Dream Butterfly” is a peculiar creature. The larvae of this creature are chronically toxic, but the adult worm has an incredible effect that can significantly improve human intelligence and physical strength. Therefore, it is consumed by humans as evolutionary medicine. However, the strengthening effect produced by eating the dream butterfly will fade over time.

The larvae of the dream butterfly parasitize other creatures. After the creatures have grown to a certain extent, they can grow into adults only when the creatures die as a trigger. The quality of adults is directly proportional to the intelligence and certain characteristics of the host at the time of death. And each creature can only be parasitized by one (one kind) of dream butterfly in its lifetime, and different dream butterfly have different qualities and special abilities. The human body is the host known to produce the highest quality dream butterfly.

Special methods are needed to collect dream butterflies from dead organisms. If after the host dies, the adult (ie, the dream butterfly) is not awakened or collected, it will control the host to become a “biochemical person.”

When certain extreme conditions are triggered, the dream butterfly will have a very small probability of awakening in the host. At this time, the host will be reborn from death, absorb the ability of the dream butterfly, and merge with the dream butterfly to evolve into a more advanced and possessive Humans with higher intelligence and physical abilities, and even special abilities. We call it “Awakened”. Unlike humans who simply eat dream butterflies, the ability of the awakened person will not fade over time. They can also continue to eat Mengdie and temporarily get twice the strengthening.

After the “Butterfly Dream Project”, humans set up pastures and used clones to continuously produce dream butterflies.

The game takes place in a ranch, a closed continent. This is a Truman world. The ranch aims to cultivate high-quality dream butterflies. It is a sandbox world with an independent ecology. And how many ranches are there in the world? Nobody knows. And what role will you play?