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拇指三國online-中文三國英雄經典策略戰爭網路遊戲 (APK MOD, Unlimited Money) Download

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拇指三國online-中文三國英雄經典策略戰爭網路遊戲 game screenshots feature:

拇指三國online-中文三國英雄經典策略戰爭網路遊戲 2.5.4 screenshots 1

拇指三國online-中文三國英雄經典策略戰爭網路遊戲 APK MOD Description: 【遊戲特色】

三足鼎立孰為霸主? !


沙場征戰,無梟雄何以得勝利!拇指三國遊戲中, 武將搭配鑄成堅固防禦,稀有紫將、橙將一計發出震撼全場,多種武將搭配,橫掃三國指日可待!武將升級增加經驗屬性,武將訓練提高將帥技能。兵種轉職,提升兵將實力,升級高等兵種,戰場霹靂無敵。成熟的武將養成系統,為您征戰三國加油助力!











[Game Features]

Which of the three legs is the overlord? !

“Three Kingdoms of Thumb”, a large-scale strategic RPG online game based on the Three Kingdoms era at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, reproduces the history of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China and transforms historical stories into interesting strategic online games. The game shows famous ancient battles, adds three foreign histories, and experiences the fun-filled Three Kingdoms story. Click to enter the journey through the Three Kingdoms era, the achievements of Wei, Shu, and Wu are created by you!

The formation of military commanders makes the era heroes!
In battle on the battlefield, how can Wu Xiaoxiong win! In the game of the Three Kingdoms of Thumb, the combination of military commanders creates a solid defense. The rare purple generals and orange generals will shock the audience. With a variety of military commanders, sweeping the Three Kingdoms is just around the corner! Generals upgrade to increase experience attributes, general training to improve generals skills. Transfer of arms, upgrade the strength of generals, upgrade higher arms, the battlefield is invincible. The mature military commander development system will help you fight the Three Kingdoms!

Enhance equipment to create elite weapons!

Conquer the world, no victory without a weapon! Enhanced equipment, quickly upgrade the equipment level, kill the enemy in seconds, and have a variety of forging functions such as refining, inlay and synthesis, and further enhance the strength of soldiers. In the Three Kingdoms campaign, if you have a soldier and a weapon, you can wave the world!

The strongest city in the world is king!

In the world of the Three Kingdoms, all industries are waiting to flourish. Call on the people with lofty ideals in the world to fight for the same enemy and fight for the city. With the dominance of the present legion, all the people surrender, the heroes of the world are gathered by the king. The city of dominance is just around the corner!

The strategic formation is hitting the west!

The added variety of formations in the game further enhances the strategy and interest of the game, detecting the enemy, attacking the enemy’s weaknesses, placing troops in formations, concealing the strength of our army, studying formations in depth, and experiencing different fighting fun.

A variety of copies to earn rich resources!

Novice players join the game, don’t worry, the multi-level dungeon map will get rich rewards every time you pass a level. The hundred-story battle tower has more surprises. The generals of the Han Dynasty challenge you through time and space, and you will get rich prizes if you win. What are you waiting for, come and challenge!

Call friends and friends to fight side by side!

The game can not only fight alone, but also call friends and friends, team fighting strength, contend for the supremacy of the world. The warm interaction and user-friendly operation in the game make it easy for players to operate the game.

[Ten Thousands of Nations, Thousands of Legions, side by side comrades, close brothers, waiting for you! 】