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新江湖-道士下山 game screenshots feature:

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新江湖-道士下山 APK MOD Description: 「天灵灵 急急如律令
「地灵灵 急急如律令




【全新江湖世界:电影画质 身临其境】

【全新职业登场:天命所指 地藏降世】

【全新真魂觉醒:极速升级 化境封神】

【全新竞技战斗:华山论剑 跨服PK】

【全新社交玩法:多元交互 爱恨情仇】

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“Tian Lingling, eager like a law
The demons must take your life.”
“Ling Ling Ling, as anxious as a law
Quietly and comfortably sweep away the disease in people’s hearts.”


The new profession [Zhenwu-Taoist] shocked down the mountain!
Jizo-Monk vs Zhenwu-Taoist! The battle of the strongest class is waiting for you!

=========[Game Features]===========

[The new world of rivers and lakes: movie quality and immersive]
Using movie HD screens, ultra-clear particles, global illumination probes, real-time weather transformation, seamless maps and other display technologies, present you a perfect world of rivers and lakes.

[New career debut: The Destiny refers to Jizo comes to the world]
The rivers and lakes set off a bloody storm. The five professions of Qingfeng, Chuanyun, Pojun, Tianxiang, and Ksitigarbha were born. The Buddha said that he only flies to the destined, and gives Buddhist instruments for a limited time. Becoming a devil or becoming a Buddha, only in one thought.

[New True Soul Awakening: Extremely fast upgrade to transform the realm of the gods]
Say goodbye to the boring little upgrade and fight monsters, hit 100 levels in one day, combine the primordial spirit equipment, cool god-level mounts, a brand-new extremely fast upgrade experience, what a fun and comfortable rivers and lakes!

[New competitive battle: Huashan on the sword cross-server PK]
Qualifying matches, camp matches, diverse team formations, and gang competitive gameplay allow you to fight side by side with your friends. Open multiple scene maps, cross-server hunting of bosses in the world; the world has come out in large numbers, who wants to win the new world!

[New social gameplay: multiple interactions, love, hate, and hatred]
Whether you are an ARPG/MMORPG fan, a student party, an office worker, or a fan of martial arts or Xian Xia, here you can remove your disguise, remove your precautions, and have multiple social forms. This world is not alone!

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