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漢家江湖 game screenshots feature:

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漢家江湖 APK MOD Description: 《漢家江湖》
— 漢家松鼠遊戲工作室出品


– 獨具魅力的世界觀與劇情設定,開放世界劇情走向
– 變化萬千的強策略戰鬥,強調競技性的論劍系統
– “人工開放世界”,用細節刻畫出一個多變的宏大世界
– 50+可加入隊友,獨具特色的天賦人物刻畫
– 100+可學習武學,超高自由度的套路搭配,這是個套路滿滿的遊戲!
– 做為一個高自由度遊戲,怎能沒有捏臉呢!?






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Hanjia Jianghu
— Han Squirrel Game Studio

[game features]

– A unique world view and plot setting, open world plot trend
– A strong strategic battle that changes thousands of times, emphasizing the competitive sword system
– “Open the world by hand”, depicting a changeable grand world with details
– 50+ can join teammates, unique talent characters depicting
– 100+ can learn martial arts, super high degree of freedom with the routine, this is a full game!
– As a high degree of freedom game, how can I not pinch my face! ?

[drama summary]

The war between the Northern Dynasties and the Southern Dynasties continued, leaving indelible scars on the earth. The displaced Limin people have been bullied by aliens, and the Central Plains martial arts between internal and external troubles have been torn apart, facing a crisis that has never been seen before. The abbot of Shaolin Temple, the owner of the valley of worry, the head of Hengshan School… successively passed away, a thrilling conspiracy is brewing. Who is the white knight who is out of the sword? Who can save the Central Plains martial arts in distress?

Ten famous swords: nameless, red clouds, moon white, Dongling, purple enamel… ancient, very spiritual, only in the hands of the real master can resonate. For thousands of years, they have been hidden in the world like a sleeping mystery. Legend has it that the top ten famous swords will only reappear in the troubled times. Who is the true master of the top ten famous swords? When will the top ten swords be able to spur the dazzling light of the darkness?

This is a “group of heroes” with a large number of partners and famous scholars. Not only the well-known historical figures such as the young and sturdy young people, the singularity of Li Xiangjun, but also the beautiful peach blossom fairy and the chic wind. The heroes, the sorcerer, the sorrowful girl, the cold-skinned Miss Zhang Yue, the master of the piano, Li Peijun, the action-like glamour, the poor life, the cold smoke, the sisters and other original characters. The poverty-stricken rivers and lakes are intertwined with the war against foreign enemies, and they interpret the essence of chivalry.


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