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漫威對決 APK MOD Description: 黑寡婦現身漫威跨時代卡牌遊戲:漫威對決!
正版漫威授權,精美3D卡牌遊戲《漫威對決》現已上線港澳台和新加坡!即刻下載, 免費遊玩,與你喜愛的超級英雄并肩作戰!你就是下一個漫威傳奇!







© 2020 MARVEL



Black Widow appears in Marvel’s cross-age card game: Marvel Showdown!
The power to save the Marvel universe is in your hands!
Genuine Marvel authorized, exquisite 3D card game “Marvel Showdown” is now available in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore! Download now, play for free, and fight side by side with your favorite superheroes! You are the next Marvel legend!

-Epic 3D fighting
Marvel characters break through the screen and bring you super luxurious visual enjoyment!
Witness your favorite superheroes and super villains and unleash their ultimate power through movie-level visual effects!

-A new chapter in Marvel Adventure
Familiar characters, unexpected stories!
Relive the popular classic plots such as the Civil War and Infinite War. What are the unexpected plots and twists?

-No limit to construction, no limit to creativity
Form your own deck and play your own way!
Let Thor and Loki be friends, or let Iron Man and Thanos fight side by side!
Here, you can experience endless possibilities!

-150+ Super Champions in your pocket
Experience the super strength of hundreds of superheroes on your phone!
More than 150 Marvel characters can be collected and upgraded. Various types of Iron Man armor, Spider-Man from different universes, and many brave Asgard warriors… Go and collect them!

-Next-generation special effects, restore the Marvel universe
Enter the Marvel world anytime, anywhere!
Enjoy the immersive Marvel game experience with CG-level game screens, super gorgeous animation special effects and immersive CV dubbing.

-Double the challenge and double the fun
With the newly added two-player mode, enjoy the feeling of charging with your friends!
Intimacy, through the strategic cooperation of both sides, show off gorgeous skills in the duel field!
Tacitly challenged, who will fight with me!

© 2020 MARVEL

※”Marvel Showdown” is classified into 12 levels according to the game software classification management method. The game plot of this application involves inappropriate words and violence.

※This application game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.

※Please experience according to your personal interests, abilities, and please pay attention to the game time and avoid obsessing.
原人機訓練入口更換為競技場入口,人機訓練入口被轉移到冒險模式中。玩家可以在選卡系統中, 從全卡池範圍選擇40張卡牌(自動補齊複製至4張)組建牌組 ,無鎖定卡池。使用牌組開啟挑戰,贏取最多九份獎勵。獲得第一名時,勝場獎勵翻倍!