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疯狂砍怪兽 APK MOD Description: 在很久很久以前一次异世界的时空之门莫名的开启,涌进了大量异世界的生物。吸血鬼,狼人,精灵,兽人等本不该存在于这个时代的生物打破了上帝和恶魔之间的平衡。恶魔趁机也大肆入侵人界,一时间生灵涂炭,人界进入了历史上最黑暗的时刻。此时代表着上帝在人间执法的使团——驱魔教会为了人类的安宁重新执剑驱逐各路恶魔邪物。

A long time ago, a time and space gate in another world was opened inexplicably, and a large number of creatures from another world flooded into it. Vampires, werewolves, elves, orcs, and other creatures that shouldn’t exist in this era have broken the balance between God and demons. The demons also took the opportunity to invade the human world aggressively, and for a while, the human world entered the darkest moment in history. At this time, it represents the mission of God’s law enforcement in the world-the Exorcism Church renewed its sword to expel all evils and evil things for the sake of human peace.

In the confrontation, the church found that the current strength is not enough to completely eliminate the enemy. So with the help of the great prophet, they found a child with human and demon blood flowing through his body, and trained him to be a great exorcist. Use the power of blood fusion to complete the final task. A story begins from this, our protagonist will complete the elimination of the human world all the way through thorns, and restore the human world to a bright future.