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Name黒い砂漠 MOBILE
CategoryRole Playing
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黒い砂漠 MOBILE game screenshots feature:

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黒い砂漠 MOBILE APK MOD Description: ▶ 黒い砂漠MOBILE ◀

▶ ゲームの紹介 ◀

■ 強烈なアクションと爽快な打撃感!
黒い砂漠 モバイルだけの緊迫感溢れる戦闘を体験できます。

■ 最強のモバイルグラフィック

■ 驚くほど繊細なキャラメイクシステム

■ 冒険を盛り上げる豊富なコンテンツ

[黒い砂漠 MOBILE公式フォーラムページ]
黒い砂漠 MOBILEについての最新情報を確認できます。

▶アクセス権限のご案内 ◀

写真/メディア/ファイル保存 : ゲーム実行関連ファイルの保存と
プレイ動画 /スクリーンショットの保存時に使用します。

▶ Android 6.0 以上: 設定 > アプリ > 権限 > 権限項目> アクセス権限許可 、または拒否を選択
▶ Android 6.0 未満: 運営体制をアップデートしてアクセス権限を拒否、またはアプリを削除
※ アプリが個別同意機能を提供していない場合もあり、上記の方法でアクセス権限を拒否できます。
※ Android 6.0 未満のバージョンを使用する場合は、選択アクセス権限を個別には

▶ Black Desert MOBILE ◀
Here is the adventure you really wanted!
The next generation RPG that exceeds your imagination!

▶ Game introduction ◀
A masterpiece loved by 150 countries!
Experience the excitement of the black desert on mobile.

■ Intense action and refreshing impact!
Characters with rich personality and splendid action skills.
A feeling of overwhelming impact that goes beyond the limits of mobile.
Black Desert You can experience a tense battle that is unique to mobile.

■ Strongest mobile graphics
Many sophisticated and high-level graphics that are close to live action!
Enjoy beautiful backgrounds and characters on your mobile.

■ Amazingly delicate character makeup system
Easy and precise character makeup is possible!
With an overwhelming character makeup system that goes beyond mobile
You can create your own original character.

■ Abundant contents that excite your adventure
Rich living content and territory system such as fishing and animal capture
Pets and vehicle systems essential for adventure
Let’s enjoy the adventure further with various contents.

[Black Desert MOBILE Official Forum Page]
You can check the latest information about Black Desert MOBILE.

▶ Information on access rights ◀
When using this application, in order to provide the following services,
Please give us access rights.

[Required access authority]
Save photos / media / files: Save files related to game execution
Used when saving play video / screenshot.

[Access denial method]
▶ Android 6.0 and above: Select Settings> Apps> Privileges> Privilege Items> Allow Access Permission or Deny
▶ Android 6.0 and below: Update operating system to deny access or delete app
* In some cases, the application does not provide the individual consent function, and you can deny the access authority by the above method.
* When using a version below Android 6.0, select access permission individually
Since it cannot be set, we recommend updating to 6.0 or later.

If you deny the required access rights, resource downloads may be interrupted or you may not be able to connect to the game.
Please be sure to check the Terms of Use before using.