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NameBaby Walker – Life Simulation Game
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Baby Walker – Life Simulation Game APK MOD Description: The most exciting and funny baby simulator game with naughty & happy babies is here now! Be a baby. Play with baby simulator. Break things. Spoil food. Diaper baby with cute expressions is ready to do all the stuff in the absence of his mommy. Happy babies roaming all the way around the house and playing with their tomagochi toy. Boy Baby with wobbly legs walk in a cute manner wearing baby diapers entertains you with naughty stuff and baby laugh. You can select different happy babies of your choice to simulate in this life simulation game. There are unique baby accessories in the store. You can choose any baby accessories unlock and set them for your favorite diaper baby.

You are all set to cuidar my baby. Give him a good baby shower. Lid his wobbly legs carefully. Change baby’s diaper and switch to your favorite baby diapers. Entertain my baby with cute videos for babies and tomogachi. Mommy and me leave the baby boss for a while and he creates destruction all the way in the house. Ella change diaper pampers of the baby and help in baby bathing also put him back in the baby carrier. One of the baby simulator life simulation game where you can play with laughing baby and cuidar them too. Care com is needed to vivir and support child. Pregnant lady cares for her boy baby vivir and cuidar. She pampered crying baby during bathing and changes baby clothe. Give baby boy clot a proper bath and lid him neatly. Change baby diaper and the boss baby with wobbly body hide tua the door with tamagotchi and infant toys. Mou clean baby bottles and lid them. Crying baby is hungry so mommy and me give boss baby infant toys and boss baby a proper baby food to stop him from crying. Ella is the nana of the baby to care com and support child. Give baby walker to move all around the house also change their baby clothes. Baby swing is in the house to entertain boss baby. Put the diaper baby in the baby carrier with cut baby walker, hand her lots of baby dolls to play along. Tomagotchi toys are very famous among children to care come. Tamagochi is one of the life simulation game in which one cares a pet like simulation games life just as mou does. Support child in playing with tamagochi while sitting in baby walker wearing a baby diaper. Baby simulator is one of the exciting games for babies and mothers too. Ella work as a babysitter and play videos for babies o entertain them like most of the nana do. Dogs baby ads are there to watch and get rewards. In this simulation games life diaper baby plays with Dogs baby and break house hold things together. Dogs baby are like pet and hide tua shelves and trees. Nana cares baby boy clot and give him tomagachi to play. Mou wash dirty baby bottles make baby food for my baby and change baby’s diaper when required. spoil food, hit the baby bottles and baby seat. The food and milk fall on the floor. Baby seats broke and baby boss break baby dolls too. Mommy and me helps in bathing crying baby necessary vivir and pampered him well throughout the bathe. Give him baby swing and place in baby carrier because pregnant lady can’t hold laughing baby for a while.
In this life simulation game, you can select boy baby among different boss baby with colorful baby diaper. You can also give unique baby walker to different dr baby and change baby clothes along with your favorite baby accessories. There are many baby dolls and infant toys including tomagatchi to help nana to entertain laughing baby and maintain baby laugh. You can also watch videos for babies to unlock baby accessories. You can buy baby walker from store to help in wobbly move and also baby food to pampered him when he is crying. Diapers pampers are always in store for like cute baby boy clot.

Never miss baby laugh change baby’s diaper on time. Be naughty, Spoil food and break as many things as you can. Have fun with Baby Boss is waiting for you to explore baby’s world in totally amazing perspective.
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