Bear Hunting on Wheels 4×4 – FPS Shooting Game 18 1.6 APK MOD Unlimited Money

NameBear Hunting on Wheels 4×4 – FPS Shooting Game 18
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Bear Hunting on Wheels 4×4 – FPS Shooting Game 18 (APK MOD, Unlimited Money) Download

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Bear Hunting on Wheels 4×4 – FPS Shooting Game 18 game screenshots feature:

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Bear Hunting on Wheels 4×4 – FPS Shooting Game 18 APK MOD Description: Here is bear hunting game is available on play store for free to download, install and play. If you are a craze of wild animal hunting so grab your sniper rifle and go to hunting right now on the safari jeep 4×4. Grab your realistic sound of weapons like SNIPER CARBON RIFLE, SNIPER AM RIFLE, SNIPER M64C RIFLE, SNIPER QK RIFLE and jump into the forest for killing the wild bear hunting. Bear Hunting on Wheels 4×4 – FPS Shooting Game 18 lets you kill the dangerous animal with access to powerful fps guns be care full, keep your eye on the target and relax aim and you will kill and trap the bear.

This bear hunting game is so addictive, full of fun and very enjoyable and addictive & immersive hunting game. You have played many hunting games like shark hunting, wild animal hunting, rabbit hunting, chicken hunting, dinosaur hunting and many more, but Bear Hunting is much different from this series of Huntings. Your target is to shoot the bear. you are on the safari 4×4 jeep and you have to choose your rifle, sniper carbon rifle etc to shoot to wild animals. Most important advice for hunter avoid bear fighting just focus on shooting to bear by sitting on the jeep and you need to be alert to check either any bear coming near to your jeep or not. Enjoy all the levels as you good your guns. Join this hunting adventure action.

You are an expert hunting for bears in this new featured real Bear Hunting on Wheels 4×4 – FPS Shooting Game 18. Most realistic new action & full of thrilling game, bear Hunting for android is very popular game. If you become a professional shooter of bears So, this game provides a chance to you hunt & shoot. This game is not board game, you will drive jeep to jeep and hunt to bears too, so you will like this shooting action game. Bear Hunting on Wheels 4×4 – FPS Shooting Game 18 is all about precise hunting, aiming quickly and shooting at the right time. In this game a lot of offroad racing missions with deadly racing rails. The way to get recognized in only the offroad racing world is to win all the challenging missions of this crazy 4×4 game by actively. when you see a bear is coming near to your jeep shoot it quickly as fast as possible.

This present hunting simulator is forest survival for the professional shooter of bear hunting game. Hunt the specific number of bears with limited time to complete the waves of the location. Enter the forest and start your hunting in this wild bear jungle hunt. Bear hunting is simple bear shooting game try to master your hunting & shooting skills by becoming a bear shooter, by playing rabbit shooting which is one of the best hunting game.

Bear hunting in the jungle is the most beautiful and addictive & thrilling action hobby of hunting bear in the jungle. Download this free game on your smartphones and start playing this amazing 3d shooting game.


✪ Multiple weapons & action hunting in the jungle environment
✪ Realistic HD graphics quality and 3D fabulous animation
✪ Bear hunting experience and quick change weapons abilities
✪ Immersive bear hunting levels
✪ Jeep Driving Game
✪ Offroad challenges to complete Bear hunting game.
✪ Very smooth controls
✪ No connectivity required
✪ There are 4X4 offroad new Jeeps
✪ Focus on your target
✪ Natural sound of real wild bears
Bear Hunting on Wheels 4×4 – FPS Shooting Game