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Kids Math APK MOD Description: Kids Math quiz is an unique educational math game with fun for your kids & you too ! This is a perfect math learning for kids ! It is a good math educational game,general knowledge game, and math learning game for kids.

Kids Math is an educational math game for kids and why only for Kids, maybe for everyone (this is a good brain test and you can improve your math calculations speed). After playing this cool Kids Math quiz game, your kids definitely will calculate faster and math skills will improve. This will increase kids GK (general knowledge) as well. Your kid will be Math genius.

As we understand each & every child is different, this Kids quiz Math general knowledge and education game has been carefully design with various adorable, fun characters for kids to enjoy while learning.

Develop your child basic math skills through fun and intuitive games makes learning math fun right from the beginning. As child start to learn what numbers are, we understand learning numbers & maths should be as fun as possible! good application for math learning kids

This is a Math quiz and kids quiz app for Kids and Primary Class Students with attractive images and quizzes.
In this app Maths Questions topic wise put in quizzes. These math quizzes are interactive with animations.

Kids math quiz plus app helps in learning, studying Math and be proficient in Math with game. it will increase your math skills with fun and enjoyments and you can be math genius. then why not try it now.. learn math with Fun.

In Kids Quiz, Kids have to identify Picture and do small calculations. Buttons are very big and easy to tap. Navigation is very simple. Long sequence of images let your kid enjoy play for a long time and profile Pic will change as getting more and more score. The app requires minimum assistance of parents.

The questions are not timed, giving your child the opportunity to identify picture, while learning and gaining an understanding of intermediate to advanced subjects.

Kids Quiz easy-to-use interface allows children of all ages to interact easily with the app, makes Kids Quiz especially practical, yet so entertaining, children will forget they’re even being quizzed!

It is having approx 2000 questions on different types and different levels.

While answering the question, you can collect Stars and have competitions with your friends and classmates and you can be a math genius.

Kids math Genius application has following Question Categories :
1. Numbers
2. Addition
3. Subtraction
4. Multiplication
5. Division
6. Time
7. Money
8. Shapes

Main Features :
1. Selected Maths Questions according Maths Topics
2. Result saving system
3. Multi Student adding facility to start competition.
4. Good Images and animation.
5. Two language support – Hindi and English.
6. Star and crown collecting function
7. Multi- language sound system
App crash issue fixed