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Learn 1 to 1000 Numbers APK MOD Description: Learn 1 to 1000 Numbers is a free game for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and kids ages 3 4 5 years.

Note: This numbers game provides all number packs starting from 1 to 1000. You can both learn and practice using its creative game play. If your kid is a complete beginner, we recommend to start from 1 to 10 first. Check the link below to install, Its free.
[[ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hiegames.numbersforkids ]]

Learn 1 to 1000 Numbers game helps students to learn and recognize numbers, spell the number and understand counting numbers. School teachers can use this numbers learning game to make number counting more interesting for all students. Using this game, your kid will master the numbers in English language in a very short time.

Learn 1 to 1000 Numbers game is a simple, fun and never ending game. This is one of the best educational game for kids we have designed. Small Kids love to play games right?. What if kids get a chance to learn while playing fun and creative games?. Well, that is our concept. This is the fun way to learn numbers with correct pronunciations. We make best educational game with fun game play , so kids love to play our games. This game has beautiful number images to identify with clear voice sounds. with our ‘Learn 1 to 1000 Numbers’ game, your kid can learn, practice, read, write and recognize all English numbers.

This game is like a numbers exercises for beginners. But before you start, if your child is an absolute beginner, we recommend to make your child learn basic English numbers first using our ‘ learn 1 to 10 numbers ‘ game [ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hiegames.learningnumbersgamefortoddlers ].

How to play – Its simple and easy. A cartoon girl come across random numbers, kids have to identify and say the number out loud. Touch to move and click next button to get next number. Its a never ending game with kids friendly sound track which gives a good numbers practice and exercise to all beginner kids.

Additional Features – We have full collection of number packs starting from 1 to 1000. Your kid can both learn and practice them. When you finish the game, go to *Learn tab or *Practice tab, select the interested number pack and install it for free.

Available Number Learning Packs in this game:
*Learn 1 to 10 Numbers.
*Learn 1 to 25 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 50 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 75 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 100 Numbers,
*Learn 1 to 500 Numbers.

Available Number Practicing Packs in this game:
*practice 1 to 10 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 25 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 50 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 75 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 100 numbers,
*Practice 1 to 1000 numbers.
Click the Alphabets Button in main menu to install and teach alphabets to your kids. Please check the attached screenshots for more information.

About us – We design the best free educational games for kids under 5 years which improves their learning skills, knowledge and pronunciations. We always make sure our games are family and kids friendly. So all your family can sit together, teach alphabets and numbers to your kids while playing a game.
Good News. In this update we are giving away all 20 Kids Lessons & all 25 Kid Friendly characters for free. As we optimized this game with new engine, it loads 45% faster now. Great update with lots of useful content.

– 1 to 1000 Numbers ✓
– 1 to 100 Numbers (3 learning modes) ✓
– Numbers Spellings ✓
– Alphabets (Both Capital & Small) ✓
– Days & Months ✓
– Colors ✓
– Transport ✓
– Sports ✓
– Fruits ✓
– Vegetables ✓
– Animals ✓
– Birds ✓
– Body Parts ✓
– Flags ✓
– World Wonders ✓