OpenMicroWave OMW Nightly 0.47.0-40-nightly APK MOD Unlimited Money

NameOpenMicroWave (OMW) Nightly
CategoryRole Playing
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OpenMicroWave (OMW) Nightly APK MOD Description: The OpenMicroWave project is not affiliated with or endorsed by Bethesda Softworks. OpenMicroWave is an open-source recreation of the Morrowind game engine and contains no code or resources copyrighted by or belonging to Bethesda Softworks.

This is the nightly preview version of the OpenMicroWave engine. Please note that the nightly versions of OpenMicroWave store save data and user config in a different folder. If you wish, you can copy your save data between the two versions, although do note that backwards compatibility is not guaranteed.

You can download a stable release of OpenMicroWave from
For full release notes, see