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Poker Grasp – Texas Hold’em Training Software APK MOD Description: Poker Grasp is a world-leading personalized Texas Hold’em training software that provides free poker skill test, smart AI training simulates real play, poker articles cover almost every topic, and professional and friendly communities with top pros online answering your questions.

Download Poker Grasp now if you want to learn more poker skills and strategies in less time and win a lot of chips and even championships.

Free Test – As soon as you download the App, you can test your skills for free and get a detailed poker skill report that includes 19 attributes such as VPIP, aggression, fold frequency and bet sizes. Knowing your strength and weakness enables targeted training.

Smart AI Training – Play while you learn. The App has over 2200 constantly updating scenarios that simulate real play, in which you get to play against different types of NPCs. Based on your level, degree of understanding and leaks, the App will feed you the scenarios best suit your need. It’s a fun poker game that also teaches you poker strategies.

Personalized Hand Evaluations – After every hand you play, the App will give you a score and evaluations. You get to know which decisions might be problematic and how to improve, just like having a personal coach for a one on one session.

Pro Demonstrations – If you are not sure how to proceed, click the “Pro Demo” button and see the correct plays street by street and the reasons behind.

7×24 Discussion Groups – There are good players willing to talk to you about anything in poker. Our coach will also join the discussions. If you ever feel lost, tilted or lonely, welcome to our communities and get your strength back.

Convenience – As long as you have your phone connected to the internet, you can have a quick session that only takes a few minutes, even when you are just waiting in line for coffee. While other people are wasting their time, you are making yourself a better poker player.

Studying poker will quickly and surely reward you. Every leak you plug makes you money at the poker table. Among PokerGrasp users are WPT champion and big cash winners. Download now and enjoy the fun of poker.

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2. Add beginner course, to help beginners quickly understand Texas Hold’em;
3. Add new setting functions;
4. Add new training scenarios.