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Snakes and Ladders APK MOD Description: The game Snakes and ladders is a classic board game that has captivated many generations and has been called in many different ways over time, many times known by chutes and ladders or slides and stairs. In parts of Asia and in the United States, is also known as snakes and arrows, This does not cause the game to change, as it is still fun with any of its known names. This board game in many countries of the world can get to be as known as the game of the goose.

In this version of the game, the ambient, graphics, music and sound effects are perfect, based on the ancient Egypt, to make it visually more fun to the game.

You’ll be able to play with the mobile phone or tablet as oponent, find a friend or someone of your family to play with him in the same device.

The goal of the game is like most board games for kids. Reach the goal before your opponent does. You are going to throw a die on the board that will tell you how many tiles you have to move forward.

In this online game, the ladders on the board will up your piece and progress faster if you touch the base of the ladder.

The snakes will make more difficult the game because they will move you down on the board. If you land on a head of a snake, the player will move to the tail of it.

If you get a 6 on the dice, you repeat turn. You’ll roll the dice. But if the number six appears consecutively three times, you will return to the beginning.

To win the game of snakes & ladders, you will have to reach exactly 100 tile. If the dice gives a higher number, your piece will bounce back. Only you will win if you get the exact number to finish on the last tile in this SNAKES AND LADDERS FREE GAME.
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