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NameSuperhuman Smite – Z Fighters
CategoryRole Playing
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Superhuman Smite – Z Fighters game screenshots feature:

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Superhuman Smite – Z Fighters APK MOD Description: Fight with the strongest dragon fighters and Burst to power, SAVE the planet from invaders! With Tactical and strategy, turn-based combat!

🀜 SMITE your enemies with your ultimate skills!!!

🀜 Settings
πŸ‰ The action takes place on Planet Doro with amazing backgrounds and landscapes.

πŸ‰ Superhuman super power is here! Every legendary z warriors have their own Special Attacks!! With each ultimate warrior wielding a unique super power.

πŸ‰ Outsmart your foes using Block and Teleport. With these abilities used tactically, you can evade all of the enemy’s attacks by pressing them at the right time.

🀜 Characters
πŸ‰ The z warriors can use Fusion in this game! Erbito and Thlal combined their power and fused to defeat Xicor, and becomes the ultimate warrior, Erthlato!!! Unfortunately, the fusion didn’t work.
πŸ‰ All the dragon fighters have a different power level. And depending on the power level, it tells you how strong they are.

🀜 Story Mode
πŸ‰ There’s an epic anime story mode and amazing fights, where you will learn the history of the world and the characters in this anime fighter universe.
πŸ‰ With more Super Battles and tiny warriors to come.
πŸ‰ These tiny warriors have so much power that their Energy Blast cause Shocks across the universe!

🀜 Versus
πŸ‰ Currently there are over +17 dragon fighters to choose from, each with their own amazing abilities and ultimate skills.

🀜 Game Modes:
πŸ‰ Story Mode: Play through +18 Amazing Fights. Each with their own unique cutscene.
πŸ‰ Versus Mode: Choose your z warriors and battle it out to see who is the most powerful.
πŸ‰ Arcade Mode: Similar to Versus, only your opponent is the CPU.
πŸ‰ Tower Mode: Classic Tower gameplay, choose your ultimate warrior and fight while climbing the tower.

🀜 Amazingly brutal animations
🀜 Beautiful arenas.
🀜 ENGAGING story mode.
🀜 Hardcore fights
🀜 turn-based, anime fighter tactics
🀜 more Anime Effects

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*** Update 4.0.1:
– Bug Fixes

*** Update 4.0.0
– Gameplay 2.0
– Block and Teleport are now active buttons.
– Players can block and Teleport at will.
– Both these buttons are HOLD and RELEASE buttons.

– New Characters
– Ziro, OD Erthlato, OD Xicor Evo II
– New Game Mode
– Quick Battle Mode – Must Unlock Thlal. (Play through Saga 1)
– More Towers
– French Translations
– Ads During game.
– Saga Progress
Bug Fixes
– Minor UI Changes