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Download APK MOD game screenshots feature: 1.0 screenshots 1 APK MOD Description: is a multiplayer shooting game based on objectives to be fulfilled during the games in order to win. Up to four players will be able to compete on four different maps and the goal will be to take possession of an objective in order to win points and increase your score. Defend yourself against the other players with your weapons, there are four available, Scar, Shotgun, Sniper and Tec-9 and try to survive as long as possible to dominate the game. You will also be able to throw grenades and unlock special skills that will be obtained with the experience you gain in the game.

What are the different maps and game modes in

– SIERRA and XIBALA: These are the two point capture cards in the game. Every 30 seconds a lens will randomly appear on the card and you will have to stand on it to earn points but also experience that will allow you to unlock special skills. Eliminating opponents will also allow you to score points.
– MISTLE: This is a team escort card in which the objective will be to move a cart on rails to the finish point. Both teams will fight to move the cart to one side or the other.
– TUNDRA: This map features a “Every man for himself” Death Match mode. The objective will be to kill as many enemies as possible and gain ranks. Each rank unlocks a weapon, you start with the Tec9 in rank 1, the Shotgun in rank 2, the Scar in rank 3 and the Sniper in rank 4.

What are the special skills (cards) in

When you gain experience in the game, either by being on a target or killing opponents, you will have the opportunity to unlock special skills.

– Midnight Curse: Temporarily blinds your enemies, enveloping them for 10 seconds in a fog that will impair their vision.
– Frost Bomb: Freezes enemies in the impact zone for two seconds, preventing them from moving or firing, leaving them vulnerable.
– Muscle Shock: Sends an electric shock to an opponent which paralyzes him and makes his movements jerky and incoherent for a few moments.
– Venom: Poisoning and slowing down. The poison will inflict damage over time and make your enemies’ movements much slower. is a multiplayer shooting game