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Unleash your creativity with Pixlr (formerly Pixlr Express) – a free and easy photo editor. No account creation required, just download and start editing.
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Pixlr AI Photo Editor APK v3.5.5 Download Latest Version

Pixlr AI Photo Editor APK

Pixlr APK is a powerful AI photo editing app that edits images with effects, filters, overlay, color correction, double exposure, and adds frames. You can adjust image layers, enhance visuals, and add shapes. A dynamic tool that unleashes your creativity to manipulate digital photographs. It has versatile tools to improve photos, retouch portraits, and enhance skin tone. Photographers edit their shots and footage to bring more perfection. Pixlr APK for Android is loaded with color correction features to adjust saturation, brightness, and hue. You can apply vibrant and good-looking colors to make them unique. Best-in-class photo editing and enhancement functions for more creativity. This utility has the innovation to create professional-level images. It processes memories, event shots, wedding photographs, and portraits. You have unparalleled flexibility while applying layers, blending modes, and filters. It supports cropping unnecessary objects from your photos. You can rotate irregular images in a suitable direction.

Pixlr APK Free Download processes all kinds of photo formats like PNG, RAW, JPEG, PSD, WebP, and others. You can edit digital photographs with excellent tools. A unique yet dynamic platform for diverse image manipulation needs. You can import various types of images to edit and improve them. It applies basic adjustments like cropping, exposure, rotating, resizing, and enhancement. You can fine-tune high-resolution images with accuracy. It adjusts the contrast, composition, and saturation of HD photos. Focus on each detail to enhance visuals and improve feel. You have an organized workspace to take your editing to new heights. It aids photographers to achieve goals with precision, ease, and peace of mind. You can paint certain areas to highlight elements. It enables you to make exciting and interesting collages. You can also overlay multiple photos to produce unique content. It has expressive fonts to add graceful and stylish text.

Pixlr APK for Android

The Best-ever Key Features of Pixlr APK:

  • Edit your shots, photos, footage, event photographs, and digital portraits by cropping, making subtle adjustments, lighting areas, and erasing elements.
  • Apply and transform image layers, create in-depth photos, fill colors, add frames, and text layers, and draw shapes.
  • Utilize aesthetic color combinations to create compositions and gradients and enhance the look with luminance.
  • Permits to apply special filters like vignette, glamor, mosaic, contour, and many others to bring a new look to your simple photos.
  • Highlight particular areas, apply shadow effects, and adjust exposure, tone, and temperature with proper adjustments.
  • Brighten feel by sharpening pixels, improving saturation, fine-tuning details, and removing blemishes.
  • Offer convenience to clean un dull images, eliminate unwanted objects, make cutouts, and trim layers.
  • Pixlr AI Photo Editor APK adds stylish texts of decent font styles to bring something unique and innovative.
  • Enables to edit digital images with full potential and unparalleled accuracy to adjust orientation.
  • Modern cinematic effects have the ability to transform the look and visual appeal of your photos.
  • Favors to make impressive and attractive photo collages by managing composition and placement.
  • Lets you make complex editions more convenient with its professional editing features and tools.
  • Includes classic controls to refine photos, retouch images, draw shapes, smooth skin, and improve facial features.
Pixlr APK for Android

Reasons behind Using Pixlr APK:

  • Contains demanding photo editing and retouching techniques like removing blemishes and dark spots.
  • Generate polished, eye-catching, attractive, and refined photos with maximum precision.
  • Apply professional editing to repair themes, crop edges, rearrange layers, add solid colors, and enhance visuals.
  • Ensure a convenient workflow with cutting-edge tools to edit, import, and export photographs.
  • Maintain a streamlined environment to simplify image editing and photo enhancement tasks.
  • Pixlr APK Full Updated includes a comprehensive toolkit with an advanced masking and layer management system.
  • Deliver non-destructive editing by manipulating certain areas and specific elements quite independently.
  • Endless creative capabilities like opacity control, adjusting compositions, adding shapes, and overlaying text.
  • Achieve appreciatable and mind-blowing image editing results with professional-grade editing.
  • Favors precision to apply smooth editing and real-time adjustments with optimized performance.
  • Create collages, and adjust dimensions, orientations, and compositions with excellent adjustments.
Pixlr APK Free Download

What’s New in the Latest Version of Pixlr APK?

  • Supports comprehensive image refinement with the addition of an improved clone stamp, healing brush, gradient, and sponge.
  • Reflect your mood with the latest editing techniques like layer management, text overlay, smart resize, and masking.
  • Blend numerous photos to composite perfect images by taking advantage of blend mode.
  • Pixlr APK Download adds depth by filling attention-gaining colors, smooth transitions, and wand marking.
  • Remove simple backgrounds, noise, cut-out parts, and unwanted objects to bring creative and magical moments.
  • AI-powered photo editing and enhancement functionalities are beneficial for automatically detecting and manipulating digital photographs.

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How To Download Pixlr APK?

  • Download this APK to edit images
  • After that, run the installer file
  • Install it and run the app
  • Allows permission to store and media
  • Import the image to edit and enhance the image
  • Generate images by using its AI algorithms


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